Flyers !

I am working on a friends birthday flyer and so far she has practically fell in love with it. I love working on flyers because even though it is so simple to work on you make your work look like it consist of a lot. What do you think about it? Do you think it is an attention grabber?


I also Created another flyer for a friend at work. She has her  own club and I never got to finish this flyer I actually need the information but then later she was like “Hey you do not have to worry about the flyer anymore, thanks”. Even thought I did not get to finish the flyer I still kept what I had finished. Do you like it so far?


Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 4.46.49 PM


Designing An App


So In class this week we were asked to make a design for an iPhone app. After doing some research about colleges/universities, I decided to take my school into consideration. Some colleges/universities do not have an app for their school and my university doesn’t have one. So for my app I created an app just for students that attend Full Sail University. You will be able to check your homework, grades and even see whats going on at the school.

I thought my idea was pretty great and I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one who has thought about it. I’m more curious to who is going to really hear and see about this.

Designing In School

This week in class we had to create a theme park.  Usually, I would have a really hard time determining “where I am going to start from”. This time when I started designing I was not worried about what the design was but more of how the story was going to go. When I design I love to use brushes to put things together. While I was designing I started to think about how everyone loves to go to a theme park and get on a roller coaster. So I put two and two together and this is what I get Once I was finished designing. I got this design because when I think of roller coasters I think about how wild and extreme it is. Before you get on you can see the path that you are going to take but once you are on you do not know where you are on that path. All you know is that you are in the air.

Using Photoshop

I have actually been working on this picture and trying to give a little feel to it. I actually liked how it turned out. I could possibly change this image into something more. My goal was to give more of a happy feeling. I was also trying to for feelings like strength, hope, and encouragement. When I finished with the picture I was proud of what it came out to be. I love this picture to death and I hope that you love it too.

Abstract Work

I have worked on this picture when I first started working on Graphic design and also learning how to use adobe illustrator and photoshop. I thought of it to be one of my most abstracted works that I have ever worked on. I wanted to share this with people because I have came a long way for Graphic Design and this picture is representing the first of many.

Design: Are you a ​Creative or Are You Innovative?

Do you Recall when you were younger, you had so much creativity? For example, lining the pillows up like stepping stones and pretending the floor is hot Lava. As we get older, finding that kind of creativity is hard. Or is it? My name is Jumanji Lipford, and I am developing my design firm, Designed Schemes.

The purpose of Designed Schemes is to bring inspiration and motivation for creativity to the world.  Designed Schemes services will include graphic, fashion, and interior design work. In return for the service provided, we will give back to the homeless in providing homes, clothing, and job to get them back to life. We have always believed in helping the unfortunate homeless or not, regardless of the decision that they have made. We all deserve a chance at life even if it takes more than one. When I was in high school, I never got to wear something I was comfortable in, or that looked cute cause my mom was unfortunate. I was picked on and bullied. Not to mention the teachers judge us and felt the need to always sending us home with food because they assumed we were not eating. The truth was my mom ever made sure we had food but could not get us decent clothes. Now that I am a little older I see other young girls and boys like that. I want to change that for everyone that is unfortunate. I know that there are others who feel the same and I have shown this through our crowdfunding video(click here for crowdfunding video).

Designed Schemes is determined to make a change even in the development stages. We know it takes a village to make a difference and if you would like to be a part of that village, visit Designed Schemes Business page today!